About Us

Our club history

In 1942 Laverstock and Ford Sports Club was formed under the partonage of Dr Hill, the owner of Laverstock House to promote sport and foster community spirit for the parish as a whole. This was based in the old school room situated on the south side of the green then known as 'The Clump' in the middle of the village. It was described as a brick and tiled, span roofed building containing one room of 24'8" x 20'8" and a height of 13'10" with a boarded floor, a fireplace and an entrance porch of 6' x 3'6". When first opened there was no money to purchase furniture so the tables were beer barrels and the seating upturned beer crates. There were additional outdoor activities during the war years of cricket and football. The changing room being an old railway carriage situated at the bottom of the field, then a row of dutch elm trees in line with the trees on the church ground.

This was a mens only 'members club' but ladies could be invited as a guest on Friday evenings only.

The premises were provided free of charge by Dr. Hill who became president but the club was oblidged to vacate these premises due to the sale of the estate following Dr. Hill's death in the early 50's. The club then moved to it's present location, purchasing the sports field from the landowner, Mr Lathon, trustee of the club. A wooden building was erected approximately where the car park is now. This contained a bar/lounge area, a games room - snooker table and table tennis, and changing rooms. At a later date the land between the trees and the river was purchased, the trees had to be removed when they were found to have dutch elm disease.

Funds were raised to build our current club in the 60's which has been added to and altered over the years.

The land between the gardens of the properties in Elm Close and the river was purchased in the 90's. 

Today our club is an important part of the local community and welcomes everyone of all ages to enjoy the facilities. Families are an integral part of our existence and we often put on family entertainment, hold kids parties and encourage children to enjoy sport using our beautiful grounds. We also welcome non-members* who would like to visit or enjoy an evening with family and friends.